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About Cold Blooded Classifieds

Cold Blooded Classifieds was an idea of a what if?
which sparked into a how can we?
Within a few months of solid work we published our first website, plain and simple which was ok to start with, until we looked back and saw that this isnt the direction we wanted to go. We want to help our amazing hobby to become so much more than just keeping reptiles, we want to showcase each reptile for sale, show how amazing these creatures are, push these ads via not only facebook buy instagram as well, giving a higher potential in overall sales. When we started this updated page we knew we were in for a long haul, but the way this website has been created you can almost see the hard work and dedication put into each and every aspect. So please, enjoy our website, share us around your socials and most of all spread the word about Cold Blooded Classifieds.

Why choose us

What makes us superior over others is our approach to providing for the reptile community. We understand what we need as a whole and we are confident in being able to provide that for every user. To ensure we provide above and beyond constantly we need to research on a daily basis what individuals are looking for when selling a product and we spend hours through social media to find a way to help our users get a great sale on a great platform.

Our mission

Our mission is to make Cold Blooded Classifieds the biggest marketplace where individuals and organisations can not only buy, swap and sell items and livestock, but be able to learn in our online forums, connect with well known enthusiasts and bring the reptile hobby back into the spotlight. Highlighting our wonderful fauna is why everyone is in the game to begin with, so why not push this forward and bring more people into our hobby for a rapid growth.

Our way

Cold Blooded Classifieds was created to be the ones that are different, why have a plain classifieds website when you can offer so much more to each user than just the bare minimum. We pride ourselves being an upbeat and professional website that is always thinking outside the box, providing an above level of standard to all our users regardless of free users or paid sponsors. With all these great perks there is always going to be a spot for anyone wanting to join here at Cold Blooded Classifieds.


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